A very special playground

Our city, Jyväskylä, is called “valon kaupunki” which means “town of light”. Well, the city council want it to be called that way. This means, on the dark days of the year in winter, there are many places which are enlightened in different ways. I have been posting some pictures of our bridge already.

I do not always agree with that. I think if the city’s financial status is so bad, that people cannot get any appointment in public healthcare, if the matter is not urgent, then we should hire some doctors instead of spreading so lamps to places where nobody is walking.

But, on the other side, it is also gorgeous in some ways. These pictures are from a city playground where I used to play a lot when I was small. It had a very beautiful atmosphere…

The pictures are a bit old, I have to excuse my slow posting frequency. It was taken a month ago. It is now much brighter, alhamdulillah. I saw the sun again!

The snowy weekend

November in Finland is really a strange month. Most of the time it will be wet, rainy and grey. But then, when a high pressure hits, it is fully possible that the sun shines from a blue heaven for the few hours of sunlight. The morning awakes treacherous with black ice. The streets are so slippery, that you cannot go up the hill.

Or then, you wake up one morning, and everything is covered in white. It has been snowing in the night, and a lot. The day before everything was so dark, that crossing streets without reflectors and in black clothing is dangerous for your health, since the people driving can’t see you, unless you walking under street light. But not this day, the amount of light makes even the night bright, as you can see here and here.

Went out and took a few shots, nothing special, but I have to admit, I have missed the sight of snow. As I am writing this, the snow is already gone totally, the whole day has been rainy, and the last bits are already melted.

Blue forest

Sometimes I need just a little change in the daily routine. This time we changed our way home and decided to try another path. I knew our home’s direction, and there is a big forest in the middle of our town. So went this way, and it was absolutely gorgeous. Everywhere laid little snow, because this winter has been very few snowfall. So everything was covered in white and the forest was really quiet, although not far away from streets and houses.

It was not a long way through the forest, but I had never been in this part of our town, and it was a beautiful place. We did not get lost and came home about two hours late, but it was definitely worth it!

Here a little picture from our trip in the finnish forestsnowy forest

Sunset at -25 ℃

A shoot from our trip last month. The landscape was really quiet and peaceful. Near the hut was a lake, all frozen of course. A place where your soul can truly rest from all the hectic of the daily routines.

This picture was taken shortly after two a clock in the evening, so you see our days here in Finland in the winter are really short and the lack of sunlight is hard for everyone, even the finns who should be used to it.

sunset in the snowy forest

This time the picture has high resolution, hope you like it, no photoshop or gimp has touched it 🙂

Ah and the strange light above the sun, the sunray seems to try to reach the sky, I don’t know if there is a name for it, I could not find anything on google.

Foggy frozen road trip

The temperature was about -25° Celsius (should be about -13°F ?) and the sky so clear and blue. The trees were covered with the white frost and the whole landscape was just amazing. The following pictures were taken in December 2012 in middle Finland.

When it’s so cold, it’s hard for everybody, even the cars. But the landscape was certainly worth it! Sorry, all pictures have been taken from driving car, so they are not so good quality. Other pictures will follow inshaAllah!

Fiery flowers

Ooh, ok I admit, they are not so fiery at all! I just like the sound of the words, and apologize preventive for making bad spelling mistakes.

I like english language, but I do not think I am very good at it, so please, correct me if I say something stupid.

But, here a batch of flower shots from the last week, I like my camera a lot, even it’s no expensive SLR, just a simple digicam.

(And have to admit too, I am very excited, if I someday get a real expensive SLR 😀 )