A rainy day in the forest

Our annual autumn forest trip was very wet, as usual. But waiting for sunny days in autumn is no choice, if you want to go this year 🙂

Here a little collection of rainy autumn pictures in a finnish forest. Sorry for the overexposed sky, I couldn’t save it anymore. I have to work on that, but to my excuse I can say, I had little kids with me, who does not want to wait until mommy got her camera settings right 😀

Blessed and bright autumn days to you all!


Last ones from the rainy day…

Here last pictures with raindrops I found on memorycard. It was raining the other day too, but I had no umbrella and we were all soo wet that taking pictures was the last thing I thought of … Thank God nobody went ill!

And more water drops…

I recently discovered the fast image editing capabilities of the windows own photomanager. It’s really a quick tool, without the loong waiting for gimp to load. And its very easy. This another example of a “slightly” edited picture 🙂


Water drops

This is one of the images where I wish I had bought a camera with more megapixel… I’d love to zoom the water drops nearer. Khair inshaAllah, means this is good if God wills, everything has it’s good points. And this cam is small so I can take it everywhere with me 🙂

This image has some filter and color adjustments made, as you can see 😀




I miss my digicam!

So, in memory, I decided to do some gimping with an old picture which I took few weeks ago, which was just experimenting with the light. Needed new wallpaper, so this came out

The text is the last part of the Surah 24, Ayah 40.

for any to whom Allah giveth not light, there is no light

Just few Ayas before is the so called “light-verse”, a very beautiful aya of the quran. My most favourite recitation of this aya is the following:


Whats that in english?

This one was hard to catch with my noob camera, but it worked.. I do not have many pictures from spring, last year there was less nice weather, but anyway, here come some I found on the harddrive…

What is the name of this.. flower? in english?