assalatu khairun minan naum

The breaking of dawn, when most people are asleep. It’s a special time of day, undreamed-of possibilities lays before you, but everything is so quiet, even the birds seems to wait for the twilight.

الصلوة خير من النوم

assalatu khairun minan naum

prayer is better than sleep

Four simple words, yet beyond any poetry or quotes from famous people on earth. I hope I never loose the feel I have when listening to those words, and I hope that God will grant me many days, which begins with these words.

time for fajr

These image is taken after the fajr prayer. Here in Finland at this time of the year, it’s not getting entirely dark, so the sky is too bright, because normally the morning prayer is at first sight of dawn.

To hear the call for prayer (adhan) entirely, just watch here:

As you can see, it’s dark in Makkah at the time. Oh what I would give to be there, just once…


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