Don’t miss the moment

Today was one of the days. I had the choice, to stay lazy or – go out with the kids. I decided to go out and I loved it, even it was only behind our house, everything was wet and we stayed only shortly.

But we found a dead rabbit and a tray with a cup! 🙂


I wonder how often we miss those little moments just because we are too lazy?


The rare days of summer

This summer has been really strange. Mostly rainy. Ok, I think this is not so strange at the end, for a finnish summer. But the water is still too cold for swimming. I hope it does not stay that way.

Here a little collection of photos from a forest nearby. It is a nature conservation area and very beautiful. We found a pond full of tadpoles last week. The kids are looking forward to go check them again if they have grown…





This last picture is from another forest, I love how the plants make it look really dreamlike. But I do not know their name. If you know how they are called, please leave a comment, thanks!

Autumn forest in middle Finland

It was the time of year again! Our annual autumn forest trip was today. Looking at older posts, I saw I had posted none of our last year’s trip.

Well, not missing it this year. I was very beautiful, as usual. We were blessed with a beautiful weather, it was not too cold.

The sun was shining lightly through the clouds and gave everything a smooth feeling and look

sun shining

The leaves were so beautifully colored

autumn leaves

and there was a small lake with little fishies

lake and the trees

And a sort of ski jump right into the water

ski jump

Looks bit steep from above

steep jump

I have always wondered, what is it like to jump in there. Never seen people doing it, but what else could it be for…

It was such a nice trip, I hope next year we will go again!

Inshaa Allah

The sun and the sea

A little image from the first days of september. Sunny days become more rare and rare, so when it shines, you have to go outside and enjoy the last glimpses. Sooner or later I will miss the sun desperately.

This haven and the sun was taken on these last summer days, or the first days of autumn. I just love the sun how warm it looks.

The boat is arriving at the haven, there are still so many boats out there. Some people leave their ship until the first ice come. I never have been a boat owner, so I cannot comment if this is a dumb thing to do, but I wonder what if you wait too long and you cannot get the boat out anymore.. Could be getting expensive.

Well, without a boat, I do not have to worry about it 🙂

a boat, the sun and the haven

Is the darkness behind?

The long wait seems to be over! Finally, after three or four weeks of absence, I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face again.

The darkest day last year was the 21. of december. I can understand that people before use to have all sorts of festivities at this day in our area.

Imagine a life without electricity, when it’s about -25 °C outside (thats about -13°F I think?) when the only lights are from candles, the only warmth from the fire in your fireplace .. ooh imagine the mornings, to get up in a icy cold house, no coffee machine to turn on.

Here a few pictures from yesterday, about 2:30 pm on my way to pick up the kids

I can’t wait for the long days of summer again! .. Patience is truly a virtue