Beautiful moment

Many of us tend to rush forward in life. From one meeting to another, from work to gym, from gym to shopping… mostly with heads down and eyes on the smartphone. Like this, we will miss many of those awesome moments in life. Like this amazing sky one hour before. Alhamdulillah I hope to be always grateful and amazed by every day on this incredible earth.


Sky on a spring evening

Ramadan mubarak

To all dear followers, I wish you a blessed Ramadan full of good deeds and happy moments with friends and family!


May God make us one of the pious and of those who receive forgiveness on this blessed month!

For all those, who does not celebrate Ramadan, I wish all best and have a wonderful summer!

Is the darkness behind?

The long wait seems to be over! Finally, after three or four weeks of absence, I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face again.

The darkest day last year was the 21. of december. I can understand that people before use to have all sorts of festivities at this day in our area.

Imagine a life without electricity, when it’s about -25 °C outside (thats about -13°F I think?) when the only lights are from candles, the only warmth from the fire in your fireplace .. ooh imagine the mornings, to get up in a icy cold house, no coffee machine to turn on.

Here a few pictures from yesterday, about 2:30 pm on my way to pick up the kids

I can’t wait for the long days of summer again! .. Patience is truly a virtue

The snow is here!

Finally, alhamdulillah! This year I was really waiting for the snow, the first time since we came here to finland.

For weeks the temperature was around 0° C, it was rainy and dark. So dark.

Then, all praise to God, one day it got really cold. One morning it was -10°C, and then the snow came. And the sun. Oh how I have missed the sun!

Shining and sun

The shiningwinter sun