The sun and the sea

A little image from the first days of september. Sunny days become more rare and rare, so when it shines, you have to go outside and enjoy the last glimpses. Sooner or later I will miss the sun desperately.

This haven and the sun was taken on these last summer days, or the first days of autumn. I just love the sun how warm it looks.

The boat is arriving at the haven, there are still so many boats out there. Some people leave their ship until the first ice come. I never have been a boat owner, so I cannot comment if this is a dumb thing to do, but I wonder what if you wait too long and you cannot get the boat out anymore.. Could be getting expensive.

Well, without a boat, I do not have to worry about it 🙂

a boat, the sun and the haven


A sunny spring day…

We have sunny days here! MashaAllah, its such an amazing feeling to really enjoy the sun! So many dark days in the winter make you appreciate the bright sunny days on a different level. I wonder how many people who has been living all their live in finland really do know the worth of the absolute stunning nature here?

I cannot be more than thankful about everything I have, because so many people have less. Imagine living in a huge city where the only sound of nature is the sound of cars and people…

This picture is few days old, now the sea is almost melted. It was so fast subhanAllah, about 2 days and most of the ice is gone… Allahu akbar

Sunny winter day

Finally the sun shows it face more than few seconds above the trees!

Few days ago I was driving in the morning and suddenly I saw this huge orange ball on the sky, just above the horizon. It was soo big and soo.. orange! Soo pity I was driving and could not make a picture….

But, Alhamdulillah, I hope there are more bright days coming! Today we have about -23° and just blue sky. We went out with the kids, and, of course, I was happy to shoot some pictures. We were walking on the frozen lake…

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