I love autumn!

Autumn is the most beautiful season for me. Despite the ongoing drops falling from the sky which does not seem to have an end. Despite the grey sky which seems to go to horizon and beoynd. Autumn has so many beautiful things.

The smell of apples! The colorful leaves covering everything, the scent of autumn foliage….

The most beautiful thing is, that autumn is a reminder, that everything on earth come to an end one day, and nobody can delay his appointed time. And that death is not something to be frightened of, rather a possibility, a new beginning of something which human on earth cannot imagine.

Impressions of spring…

Greetings and peace!

First of all, I am sorry for such a late update. Have been busy revamping my community site.

But, also been busy taking new pictures. So here are they, a collection from spring impressions from the last weeks. Summer is not far away anymore!


One sure sign for spring is – the lake has melted completely and you can see the sparkles of sun glittering at the water.. Such a beautiful sight I have truly missed!


Melting snow causes little streams everywhere…


And great rivers…

The sun come forth, shine and brighten the day!

And the leaves beginn to grow

And flowers! Wonderful yellow, lilac and white flowers. I love flowers! Never get enough of them!

I cannot believe my chrysantemum is still alive! It likes living on the balcony, I think. I hope it lasts long, since the other plants do not very well.

And some strange things I do not have a name for 😀

A lot of fallen leaves from last autumn come forth

And you are able to walk in the woods again!

And these things from the birch tree, which are not so pleasant for those with hay fever…

Last moments from summer….

Alas! All good things must come to an end. So also this summer. Its clear, the autumn is here. The leaves of the trees getting yellow… Its rainy.. But Alhamdulillah not everyday! So far it has been really beautiful. But, firstly, here are them, the last pictures from this summer… Hope you like them!

Little sea in the forest


I love the nature in northern europe. This little sea was from our trip back home. It would have been very quiet and peaceful, if it were not direct beside the freeway.

Once we were walking in a national park, and we went the wrong way, and got to a hill with a little cottage beside such a lake. It was so beautiful, miles and miles only trees and birds. I love the silence of the forest…little sea in the forest

Vacation part 2…

Summer is somehow busy time for finnish people. I never understood why.. I mean its summer, you should just relax! But now after the second winter here, I understand. The nature is so amazing at summertime here.. so different than in other countries. As soon as the weather is good enough (which indeed is not often) you are automatically dragged outside somehow. And why not, the winter is hard and long and you get enough time to sit at home…

Sorry, I have been busy last weeks 😀 I came just back from a week in the “wild” without internet (strange, but I did not miss my laptop a second) So here the second part of the vacation pictures…