A short glance

… on our long awaited “spring-process”.

short glance on spring

Most of the lake is still frozen (some pictures will follow inshaa Allah, last week I had a really interesting encounter with a bike on melting ice) but this little river kept itself ready for the birds. There are two ducks somewhere in the grass, but they are too good hidden in this picture.

The bridge on the background has the text “tell us your story” written on it. Not really deep…

Impressions of spring…

Greetings and peace!

First of all, I am sorry for such a late update. Have been busy revamping my community site.

But, also been busy taking new pictures. So here are they, a collection from spring impressions from the last weeks. Summer is not far away anymore!


One sure sign for spring is – the lake has melted completely and you can see the sparkles of sun glittering at the water.. Such a beautiful sight I have truly missed!


Melting snow causes little streams everywhere…


And great rivers…

The sun come forth, shine and brighten the day!

And the leaves beginn to grow

And flowers! Wonderful yellow, lilac and white flowers. I love flowers! Never get enough of them!

I cannot believe my chrysantemum is still alive! It likes living on the balcony, I think. I hope it lasts long, since the other plants do not very well.

And some strange things I do not have a name for 😀

A lot of fallen leaves from last autumn come forth

And you are able to walk in the woods again!

And these things from the birch tree, which are not so pleasant for those with hay fever…