November is here … finally?

That is a typical november weather here in finland. Grey and rainy. The last years autumn was like this, for weeks. No sun at all.

After a while it is really depressing, the sun going down early, long dark and grey weather.

But as you can can see from the previous posts, this autumn was really beautiful so far.

The last days were really grey and I am happy about it. I enjoyed the weather really! But let’s see if this stays long, I think I am going to miss the sun…


Summernight at the finnish countryside

A small roadtrip few days ago. We did not go far, but far from the civilization. I wonder how people can live in the middle of nowhere. Ok, it is quiet, but I would be afraid. Of bears… and wolfes… and crazy murderers, we all know these movies 😀

The first shot is the sunset at a nearby lake. I think the light on the sky near the sun is called a halo.


The other pictures are taken later, after the sun went down.


The lake and the woods were so quiet and peaceful. It was strange how the mist seemed to pour out of the ground and float to the lake.



Even some fields were misty…