Autumn moments to remember

This autumn has really been the complete opposite of summer. We had only few sunny days and it was cold and rainy.
But this autumn, the first time since I came here, has been so sunny and beautiful. The colors are so amazing and everything is like a masterpiece of art, awesome in colors and light.



The melancholy of autumn




I really hope there are still many sunny days to come

Signs of spring

It has been a really strange winter. First, we got early snow, which melted all away after couple of weeks. Then the snow came back in january, which is really late, all the dark times were hard to manage.

Then the snow melted too early in february, we had really spring feeling in early march already. Well, last week there was snow again, but yesterday it rained for the first time! Today morning was really beautiful, the sun is shining and it smelled so good outside.

The lakes are still frozen, but all the snow above had melted away, I could see people skating on the lake, must have been fun 🙂

buoy on a frozen lake

buoy on a frozen lake

The snow has gone, but the lake is still icy

Frozen lake but no snow

Frozen lake but no snow

On a summer day you can see inside the ice. We went to the harbour, the kids had fun in fishing little ice floats.

A sunny harbour in spring

A sunny harbour in spring

And we catched a good one:

Crystal clear ice float

Crystal clear ice float

But the sun is warming now, and the ice will melt really fast. A couple of days later the lake’s ice is covered with water already

A melting lake in the sunset

A melting lake in the sunset

If they only knew…

The rose from this picture is dried by now. It has lost its beauty and scent, no one will enjoy the bright colors anymore.


But this rose was a part of a very special occasion, which drove us to tears. No tears of sorrow, it was tears of joy.

An evening to remember.

I received this flower as a gift on a saturday, few weeks ago. We were gathering in the mosque as usual. But it was not an usual afternoon.

On this saturday another new sister joined our community and said her shahada, which is the testimony, that there is only one God worthy of worship, and that Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him, is the last messenger.

When I think of the beauty of the rose, and how it’s gone by now, I remember that the words from the sister are not forgotten or gone. Nor are the words from the thousands other women and men, who enter islam every year, and they will always remember their shahada as the words, which gave their hearts the true peace.

Peace, and the knowledge, that nothing in this world happens in vain, that none of us is meaningless, and that life has a higher purpose.

The knowledge and peace kings and rulers would fight for, if they only knew…

At the ocean

And another sunset. I cannot get enough of them. I wonder what it is, that makes them so special? Technically it’s just rotating earth and a star, and yet so beautiful and awesome. Each one is special and different.

I wonder how a sunrise look at the ocean, but for that we would have to drive too far. Maybe up north to the polar circle someday…

And, like the others, licenced under creative commons non-commercial… Taken at the gulf of bothnia, western finland (hope I looked it right on maps 🙂 )

Impressions of spring…

Greetings and peace!

First of all, I am sorry for such a late update. Have been busy revamping my community site.

But, also been busy taking new pictures. So here are they, a collection from spring impressions from the last weeks. Summer is not far away anymore!


One sure sign for spring is – the lake has melted completely and you can see the sparkles of sun glittering at the water.. Such a beautiful sight I have truly missed!


Melting snow causes little streams everywhere…


And great rivers…

The sun come forth, shine and brighten the day!

And the leaves beginn to grow

And flowers! Wonderful yellow, lilac and white flowers. I love flowers! Never get enough of them!

I cannot believe my chrysantemum is still alive! It likes living on the balcony, I think. I hope it lasts long, since the other plants do not very well.

And some strange things I do not have a name for 😀

A lot of fallen leaves from last autumn come forth

And you are able to walk in the woods again!

And these things from the birch tree, which are not so pleasant for those with hay fever…

The dying tulip

dying tulip

This is a dying flower,
living it’s last.

All days of glory past,
fragrance only a memory,
the radiant color fading.

And yet she seems,
to be in peace with it,
just allow her petals,
slowly loose their hold,
one after another,
letting go…

But, in the evening of her lifetime,
her beauty is still undisputed.

a raving beauty of old age,
does not lie in makeup and surgery,
rather in,
spoken words not demanding regret,
hands which sent good forth,
and a sincere heart with God.

I pray,
when evening of life,
is at my doorstep,
that I can face it with dignity,
accepting what cannot be delayed,
ready to receive my book,
with peace in my soul.