Beloved ramadan memories

The most beloved moments in Ramadan,

the quiet peace of the night hours,

my heart, left on the prayer mat

my soul, full of joy

quiet dark moments

The rising of a beautiful moon,

marking the end of these beloved days…

almost over

The sky after fajr,

bursting in the most amazing colours,

full of peace and remembrance

fajr sky

What are your most beloved ramadan moments? Share them on the comments, I’d love to hear…

Ramadan mubarak

To all dear followers, I wish you a blessed Ramadan full of good deeds and happy moments with friends and family!


May God make us one of the pious and of those who receive forgiveness on this blessed month!

For all those, who does not celebrate Ramadan, I wish all best and have a wonderful summer!

The simple things

It’s the simple things in life,

we usually overlook,

but, when we miss them,

we realize,

that they were a blessing…


On this note, I wish all a blessed Ramadhan, let us make the best of these nights!

May Allah make us one of those who enters ar-Rayyan! amiin

(And a note to my dear non-muslim readers, in the month of ramadan, we muslims do not eat from sunrise to sunset, so this glass of water and the date were so precious to me at that time, it was still some hours to sunset left…)