The autumn make its leave, the first snow has arrived. The colors turn from orange, yellow, brown to white. The rain turns to snow and water to ice…

Darkness to light.

I am going to miss the rain, the smell and the sound of it!

So be it, thats the way of life. See you in spring inshaAllah…


First snow is here!

Alhamdulillah, the light is back again! Last night it started snowing, and because of the clouds laying so deep, the intensive snowfall (about 10 cm at night) and the lights of buildings and street lamps, the night was not dark at all! All was bathed in an orange light, maybe not so intense as the first 2 pictures catched, but it was near that.

And today all was covered in white! And because it is not so cold, it was melting, and the trees had beautiful icycles…

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