Party is over…

So, it’s done for this year. All rockets launched, vast amount of money spend, and many more things I consider not to mention.

What for? Why is the change of date such a big thing? Is it that you feel something new has started? I can remember such a feeling from the time I was not a muslim. People tent to make a lot of new years promises, which they do not hold anyway. And why should they, nobody can change himself overnight.

It is not rather, that every morning you wake up, alive… breathing…. is a opportunity to change your life? A new day with new possibilities?

Just so beautiful Surah from the Quran, which merge the meaning of life really in such a accurate way…

Ah, I am loosing myself again. Back to new years eve.

I like fireworks, despite that I do not like the amount of money and litter wasted.

I think I took about 450 pictures in half an hour, I dedected the option to shoot many pictures consecutively. Unfortunatedly they are not so good I wished, just because I was shooting from my living room window 😀 But good enough, better than staying outside in the crowds…

Here some few which I considered as “good enough” to show others…

And, normally I hate these little gif-pictures which are animations from some movies, or faces doing the same over and over again, you know what I mean? So annoying.

But, I had to try to make some of my firework-scenes… 😀 Enjoy.. (or not 😀 )

And this one is little bigger…

All pictures above are made smaller, if you need the original size, just drop me a message!

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I miss my digicam!

So, in memory, I decided to do some gimping with an old picture which I took few weeks ago, which was just experimenting with the light. Needed new wallpaper, so this came out

The text is the last part of the Surah 24, Ayah 40.

for any to whom Allah giveth not light, there is no light

Just few Ayas before is the so called “light-verse”, a very beautiful aya of the quran. My most favourite recitation of this aya is the following: