The Tiny Moon

The sun, moon and stars carry on on their designated paths…
Looking at them reminds me how short our lives are, how small our problems and how small we are.
So tiny and still, we are precious to someone.
Like the moon, so tiny when looking from the here, but still so huge in reality…



Amazing sky

And another picture of this amazing creation. I can’t help myself, watching skies over and over again. The light shining through the clouds was so beautiful, I had several pictures of it but none were good, since I did not have enough zoom.

This picture had some filters applied to it, but the seperation of the clouds remain, it was just awesome. Another of these moments, I probably would not have noticed, if I were not photographing.


At the ocean

And another sunset. I cannot get enough of them. I wonder what it is, that makes them so special? Technically it’s just rotating earth and a star, and yet so beautiful and awesome. Each one is special and different.

I wonder how a sunrise look at the ocean, but for that we would have to drive too far. Maybe up north to the polar circle someday…

And, like the others, licenced under creative commons non-commercial… Taken at the gulf of bothnia, western finland (hope I looked it right on maps 🙂 )