Summernight at the finnish countryside

A small roadtrip few days ago. We did not go far, but far from the civilization. I wonder how people can live in the middle of nowhere. Ok, it is quiet, but I would be afraid. Of bears… and wolfes… and crazy murderers, we all know these movies 😀

The first shot is the sunset at a nearby lake. I think the light on the sky near the sun is called a halo.


The other pictures are taken later, after the sun went down.


The lake and the woods were so quiet and peaceful. It was strange how the mist seemed to pour out of the ground and float to the lake.



Even some fields were misty…



Reflections on midsummer

I love the days around the summer solstice. Mostly because it is so quiet. Most finns are away in their cottages and the city is empty.
The celebrations around midsummer are an important tradition for the finnish people. Originally is is an pre-Christian tradition. The only negative are the drunken people coming home after midnight, yelling at the streets.

“The celebration of Midsummer’s Eve (St. John’s Eve among Christians) was from ancient times a festival of the summer solstice. Bonfires were lit to protect against evil spirits which were believed to roam freely when the sun was turning southward again. In later years, witches were also thought to be on their way to meetings with other powerful beings.”
(Quote from wikipedia)

Although we do not celebrate midsummer, the days are always a change to take a step back and relax.

This morning I was amazed around fajr. The lake was all foggy and the other side was not visible at all.


The fog was coming from the lake. So quiet and peaceful, the air smelled so fresh.


About half an hour later the fog was everywhere.


Another moment to treasure…

A very special playground

Our city, Jyväskylä, is called “valon kaupunki” which means “town of light”. Well, the city council want it to be called that way. This means, on the dark days of the year in winter, there are many places which are enlightened in different ways. I have been posting some pictures of our bridge already.

I do not always agree with that. I think if the city’s financial status is so bad, that people cannot get any appointment in public healthcare, if the matter is not urgent, then we should hire some doctors instead of spreading so lamps to places where nobody is walking.

But, on the other side, it is also gorgeous in some ways. These pictures are from a city playground where I used to play a lot when I was small. It had a very beautiful atmosphere…

The pictures are a bit old, I have to excuse my slow posting frequency. It was taken a month ago. It is now much brighter, alhamdulillah. I saw the sun again!

Noctilucent cloud – ugly name for a beautiful cloud

… which, indeed, is more frozen water chrystals than clouds itself, which can consist also of frozen water, but also of water droplets.

Noctilucent clouds, also night shining clouds are located about 76 to 85 kilometers high.

Just awesome, interesting also that the phenomenon of these most high clouds ever is still not fully understood, despite all the fancy machines we humans have made…

I had the change to witness these beauties, notice the darker clouds on the right corner, which are normal clouds, thus the sun does not shine on them…


Strange colors in the night

It’s almost one month since my last post, sorry for that.

The weather has been grey, day after another. It’s about -2 degrees celsius all the time, a lot of clouds and sometimes snow. Really depressing. I haven’t seen the sun in weeks.

But like in everything, all this has positive sides too. When the clouds are thick and hanging deep, in the cities, the night does not get fully dark. The lights of the city makes the clouds glow, and even in the darkest forest you can see enough.

Strange though, if you think about the fact, that in the autumn, when there is no snow, it gets so dark in the coutryside, that you literally do not see anything. Not even your hand before your eyes, when there are no other lights.

But back to the bright nights of the snowy cities.

There is a hill nearby, and at the top of the hill is a strange building


It’s glooming blue


And if you see it far away in the forest, it remind one of a ufo.


It’s a strange color combination, the brown-greyish kind of sky, and the glooming blue.


Its very tall, and if you stand under it, it reflects the noises of the streets far away


And it turns the snow blue too


It’s a litte forest



So the lights of the city are not far away…

The pictures are not really sharp, I was outside with the kids, so all the pics are taken without tripod…

Snowfall at night

Good morning and assalamu aleikum to everyone!

Here in Finland its getting early dark in the winter. And that means also that the prayer times are very close together. So if you want to go out little longer, you should wait after maghrib, so there is no need to hurry.

Its really amazing how different settings in the camera make so different pictures, but I am learning all this stuff, so please ask me no questions about it, I know so little 🙂

Here two pictures of snow at night. (Or late evening)

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Party is over…

So, it’s done for this year. All rockets launched, vast amount of money spend, and many more things I consider not to mention.

What for? Why is the change of date such a big thing? Is it that you feel something new has started? I can remember such a feeling from the time I was not a muslim. People tent to make a lot of new years promises, which they do not hold anyway. And why should they, nobody can change himself overnight.

It is not rather, that every morning you wake up, alive… breathing…. is a opportunity to change your life? A new day with new possibilities?

Just so beautiful Surah from the Quran, which merge the meaning of life really in such a accurate way…

Ah, I am loosing myself again. Back to new years eve.

I like fireworks, despite that I do not like the amount of money and litter wasted.

I think I took about 450 pictures in half an hour, I dedected the option to shoot many pictures consecutively. Unfortunatedly they are not so good I wished, just because I was shooting from my living room window 😀 But good enough, better than staying outside in the crowds…

Here some few which I considered as “good enough” to show others…

And, normally I hate these little gif-pictures which are animations from some movies, or faces doing the same over and over again, you know what I mean? So annoying.

But, I had to try to make some of my firework-scenes… 😀 Enjoy.. (or not 😀 )

And this one is little bigger…

All pictures above are made smaller, if you need the original size, just drop me a message!

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