A foggy morning

Somehow I regret a little bit, that I do not have to go outside the house to work in the mornings. I love the smell of the air in the morning. There are not many birds at this time, but nature offers still so many beautiful occasions to just stop and wonder about Gods creation.

This image is taken in a beautiful november morning at the harbour of Jyväskylä.

Cloudy day on the field

Moments of a peaceful autumn day, taken in the very beautiful eastern Finland in October 2012…

I love autumn!

Autumn is the most beautiful season for me. Despite the ongoing drops falling from the sky which does not seem to have an end. Despite the grey sky which seems to go to horizon and beoynd. Autumn has so many beautiful things.

The smell of apples! The colorful leaves covering everything, the scent of autumn foliage….

The most beautiful thing is, that autumn is a reminder, that everything on earth come to an end one day, and nobody can delay his appointed time. And that death is not something to be frightened of, rather a possibility, a new beginning of something which human on earth cannot imagine.