The Tiny Moon

The sun, moon and stars carry on on their designated paths…
Looking at them reminds me how short our lives are, how small our problems and how small we are.
So tiny and still, we are precious to someone.
Like the moon, so tiny when looking from the here, but still so huge in reality…


Almost full moon

The moon today looked really like a full moon, but I checked the calender, it is not until two days. But anyway, it was just beautiful, the sky was lightly covered with clouds, which gave the moon a radiant shine as it rose. Now it has almost cleared up, we have currently -4° C outside. Getting cold!

Oh how I miss the sun already…

almost full moon

Impressions from fajr

It’s the most peaceful time of the day. Directly after the morning prayer, when the sky begins to turn red.

I often think that the birds are quiet before fajr, but beginn to sing their songs directly after it, has anyone the same feeling?

This is a set of images taken on different days. When the moon rises, the trees cover it unfortunatedly, and I am too tired to wait it rise higher 🙂 Can you spot the moon waning crescent behind the tree? With the moon rose two planets, I think, since they were so bright. I believe one was Venus, but the other? Allahu alem, God knows best… The crescent one is from this morning, it means Ramadan almost over 😦 The foggy picture was from yesterday, it was just so stunning colour beyond the lake.

I would love to see more pictures of the dawn! If you have taken some, please leave a comment with a link to the images…