A walk in the dark

Winter has come. Although the snow is falling already, the first weeks of winter were very dark. The sun rises at 9 am and sets down at 3 pm. So there is not much time left for sunshine. And when it shines, is really low, as you can see in this picture from last year.

Here a few shots from our walk few weeks ago, taken in november 2013 in mid-Finland.

I am so happy that we left this really dark period behind, alhamdulillah, the snow is just so white 😀 (want to see some snow pictures? pls feel free to look around in the winter category, unfortunatedly at the moment I lack of free time to make longer photographing trips, so it could take a while before I have new pictures.)

Reflections of a city…

The administration of Jyväskylä is spending much money on the light-installations around the city. I wonder often, who does distribute the money used, because we have a urgent need of more doctors and other really important things.

I am glad I do not have to make these decisions, because there are always people complaining, no matter which way it’s done.

Lights in the dark

Lately I have not shoot so many pictures of the nature, sorry for that, the weather is so grey that every leave and tree seems to be grey (still no really snowy), but, Alhamdulillah, I got new cam now, and the last days was very much experimenting with it. I finally managed to took a picture of stars!! Never had a camera before which could do it, so I am very happy!

Can`t wait the moon to come out!! But, its muharram now, so have to wait about 2 weeks for full moon… (I think so, if I am wrong, please correct me)

But here, something “articstic” while waiting, shot from last night, I like the colours

lights in the dark