Free high res foliage texture pack

Free high resolution texture pack of foliage. The pictures show foliage of birch and maple trees. You can download this HD texture or background pack for free on this blog!

Take a look at the preview images in this gallery:

The texturepack contains 7 images in 4000 * 3000 pixel resolution and shows different images of foliage.

The HD texture package is 52 MB big and can be downloaded from my page, it was just too big for the blog.

Please use this link below

Free high resolution foliage texture pack download (zip)

This package is licensed under creative commons and the best, is it free for commercial use also! Please see more information in the attached readme-file.

If you like the texture pack, please share it with your friends!

And if you used some of the textures in your work, feel free to share a link in the comments, I’d love to see!

Autumn forest in middle Finland

It was the time of year again! Our annual autumn forest trip was today. Looking at older posts, I saw I had posted none of our last year’s trip.

Well, not missing it this year. I was very beautiful, as usual. We were blessed with a beautiful weather, it was not too cold.

The sun was shining lightly through the clouds and gave everything a smooth feeling and look

sun shining

The leaves were so beautifully colored

autumn leaves

and there was a small lake with little fishies

lake and the trees

And a sort of ski jump right into the water

ski jump

Looks bit steep from above

steep jump

I have always wondered, what is it like to jump in there. Never seen people doing it, but what else could it be for…

It was such a nice trip, I hope next year we will go again!

Inshaa Allah

A birch preparing for winter

It is just amazing if you think about, how our world is filled with diversity. Be it diversity among us people, or amongst the animals, the trees also are so different, even in their ways to lose their leaves in autumn.

Some trees have lost almost every leave by now, and others are still green like in the summer.

Some trees turn slowly, all leaves at once, and others, like the birches, seems to lose their color in steps. Some of the leaves turn yellow, and others are still green, which gives the birch a funny colored look.

autumn birch

Frozen rustle

One day it happens, you take the first step outside and you can smell that it was freezing in the night. For me its somehow always the beginning of the winter, no idea how meteorologists see this, but that really doesn’t matter.

I love sunrays on these frozen leaves. And the sound when you walk on it. Here it has been so rainy in the autumn that you couldn’t listen to the rustling.

And how many people pass them by, not paying any attention to this, chasing their lost time which they never catch up…

Thanks to God Who has given me this blessing to stop for a moment and listen to the sound of it…

I love autumn!

Autumn is the most beautiful season for me. Despite the ongoing drops falling from the sky which does not seem to have an end. Despite the grey sky which seems to go to horizon and beoynd. Autumn has so many beautiful things.

The smell of apples!Β The colorful leaves covering everything, the scent of autumn foliage….

The most beautiful thing is, that autumn is a reminder, that everything on earth come to an end one day, and nobody can delay his appointed time. And that death is not something to be frightened of, rather a possibility, a new beginning of something which human on earth cannot imagine.

A rainy day in the forest

Our annual autumn forest trip was very wet, as usual. But waiting for sunny days in autumn is no choice, if you want to go this year πŸ™‚

Here a little collection of rainy autumn pictures in a finnish forest. Sorry for the overexposed sky, I couldn’t save it anymore. I have to work on that, but to my excuse I can say, I had little kids with me, who does not want to wait until mommy got her camera settings right πŸ˜€

Blessed and bright autumn days to you all!

First of fall

The hard times are coming again. The sky is grey and it has been raining for days now. Autumn is here, and it cannot stay unnoticed!

Praise to God for any weather, good or bad. Without the grey and dark days, the sunny days wouldn’t be so highly appreciated, for as without illness the health wouldn’t be appreciated.

Here a little set from pictures of the last two weeks! I hope the sun shows himself again the next days, these awesome maple trees have such amazing colours, hope to get few pics before all leaves are gone…

(Against a grey sky the most awesome yellow looks not awesome anymore πŸ™‚ )

Really winter here already?

I am not quite sure… But it seems that here it is. The cold, dark, depressing winter…

But not for me! Be optimistical, thats what my hubby taught me! I am happy that winter is here. Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah, every season is just exactly as long as it should be. So when season changes, I am looking forward to the next one. You can feel it in the air, and I felt it today. Its winter-time!

The last weeks the sky was all grey, typical autumn weather here. But this morning the sky was blue and the sun rised! The ground was frozen everywhere, we had sub-zero temperatures overnight. You can smell it in the air, how cold it is outside, I cannot remember if I could do this when living in middle-europe.

So it was time to get outside and capture the little leaves and blades of grass when they are dressed in diamonds!

Creative Commons License

Sorry the pictures were not so good, my cell phone camera feels like its really bad, since I could use the digicam a while…