Free high res foliage texture pack

Free high resolution texture pack of foliage. The pictures show foliage of birch and maple trees. You can download this HD texture or background pack for free on this blog!

Take a look at the preview images in this gallery:

The texturepack contains 7 images in 4000 * 3000 pixel resolution and shows different images of foliage.

The HD texture package is 52 MB big and can be downloaded from my page, it was just too big for the blog.

Please use this link below

Free high resolution foliage texture pack download (zip)

This package is licensed under creative commons and the best, is it free for commercial use also! Please see more information in the attached readme-file.

If you like the texture pack, please share it with your friends!

And if you used some of the textures in your work, feel free to share a link in the comments, I’d love to see!



The autumn make its leave, the first snow has arrived. The colors turn from orange, yellow, brown to white. The rain turns to snow and water to ice…

Darkness to light.

I am going to miss the rain, the smell and the sound of it!

So be it, thats the way of life. See you in spring inshaAllah…

Cloudy day on the field

Moments of a peaceful autumn day, taken in the very beautiful eastern Finland in October 2012…

First of fall

The hard times are coming again. The sky is grey and it has been raining for days now. Autumn is here, and it cannot stay unnoticed!

Praise to God for any weather, good or bad. Without the grey and dark days, the sunny days wouldn’t be so highly appreciated, for as without illness the health wouldn’t be appreciated.

Here a little set from pictures of the last two weeks! I hope the sun shows himself again the next days, these awesome maple trees have such amazing colours, hope to get few pics before all leaves are gone…

(Against a grey sky the most awesome yellow looks not awesome anymore 🙂 )

Last ones from the rainy day…

Here last pictures with raindrops I found on memorycard. It was raining the other day too, but I had no umbrella and we were all soo wet that taking pictures was the last thing I thought of … Thank God nobody went ill!