This earth…

…just too amazing to understand, too beautiful to see, too wide to conquer, too high to grasp, but still only a drop in the ocean.

To think about that, makes my heart want to burst in my chest and I feel so small and insignificant. But so grateful for all the riches I have…


A strange sight

Last month, one day on a walk over our bridge.

The ice was already melting on the lake, below the bridge mostly.

melting lake in spring

we walked over the bridge and my daughter was calling me “mom come quick”! She was looking straight down to the ice, and she was looking at that:

a strange encounter

This is the second time we saw a bike in the lake. I just looked at the older posts, I never uploaded it on the blog, I think I had posted it on facebook back then. If you want to see it, just comment below, it should be still somewhere on hard drive…

Here a closer look:

a closer look

As you can see, the ice has crevasse like stripes on it. I do not know how to call these in english, because it is not a deep crack, I have never seen it before. The whole lake was covered with it.

lake ice


It’s a pity tough for the bike. There is a lot of steel junk below the brigde. I think almost every summer someone jumps from the bridge, its just crazy when you think how high it is and how dangerous because of the stuff under it…

A short glance

… on our long awaited “spring-process”.

short glance on spring

Most of the lake is still frozen (some pictures will follow inshaa Allah, last week I had a really interesting encounter with a bike on melting ice) but this little river kept itself ready for the birds. There are two ducks somewhere in the grass, but they are too good hidden in this picture.

The bridge on the background has the text “tell us your story” written on it. Not really deep…

Signs of spring

It has been a really strange winter. First, we got early snow, which melted all away after couple of weeks. Then the snow came back in january, which is really late, all the dark times were hard to manage.

Then the snow melted too early in february, we had really spring feeling in early march already. Well, last week there was snow again, but yesterday it rained for the first time! Today morning was really beautiful, the sun is shining and it smelled so good outside.

The lakes are still frozen, but all the snow above had melted away, I could see people skating on the lake, must have been fun 🙂

buoy on a frozen lake

buoy on a frozen lake

The snow has gone, but the lake is still icy

Frozen lake but no snow

Frozen lake but no snow

On a summer day you can see inside the ice. We went to the harbour, the kids had fun in fishing little ice floats.

A sunny harbour in spring

A sunny harbour in spring

And we catched a good one:

Crystal clear ice float

Crystal clear ice float

But the sun is warming now, and the ice will melt really fast. A couple of days later the lake’s ice is covered with water already

A melting lake in the sunset

A melting lake in the sunset

A sunny spring day…

We have sunny days here! MashaAllah, its such an amazing feeling to really enjoy the sun! So many dark days in the winter make you appreciate the bright sunny days on a different level. I wonder how many people who has been living all their live in finland really do know the worth of the absolute stunning nature here?

I cannot be more than thankful about everything I have, because so many people have less. Imagine living in a huge city where the only sound of nature is the sound of cars and people…

This picture is few days old, now the sea is almost melted. It was so fast subhanAllah, about 2 days and most of the ice is gone… Allahu akbar

Spring is here

It’s official! Finally, after such a long wait. I cannot even imagine how everything is going to look when the trees have their leaves back!

Somehow it’s hard for me to make pictures of spring that I like. No shiny flowers stretching their heads from the ground, no trees in blossom… But maybe they are coming, just have to be patient. The summer in northern europe is short, so we are not so much further as the rest of the world, I think…

But, spring is here! Most of the streets are snow-free, the birds are singing and puddles and mud everywhere!

And water. Soo much water. Rivers, brooks, puddles everywhere.



Somehow, spring is coming, though it does not come with boom. No warm weathers with melting ice, thousands of birds returning, blooming trees…

Its on its way.. Slow, day after day… Yesterday I saw the seagulls coming back! The singing of them reminds me of summer… The snow is melting slowly, Alhamdulillah

But, in the night it freezes, so its really slippery… The city council scatter tons of stones, but its still dangerous especially for old people

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A flower and ice

Winter solstice, midwinter is gone! Alhamdulillah, the shortest day with the longest night is past now! The day is getting longer, few minutes everyday!

In all cultures since counting of time, winter solstice was celebrated with a festival, in northern countries mostly because the hard winter starts now. From January to april many people starved.

Times has changed in western europe so much, hardly people starve anymore because of the cold in times of globalization and refridgerators.

icy flower

Does someone know, how this ice was formed on the flower? 😉

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First snow is here!

Alhamdulillah, the light is back again! Last night it started snowing, and because of the clouds laying so deep, the intensive snowfall (about 10 cm at night) and the lights of buildings and street lamps, the night was not dark at all! All was bathed in an orange light, maybe not so intense as the first 2 pictures catched, but it was near that.

And today all was covered in white! And because it is not so cold, it was melting, and the trees had beautiful icycles…

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