After so many weeks … the sun!

Oh what a beautiful sight this morning. I saw blue sky! What an amazing sight, which I haven’t seen for weeks. It was few grades below 0 Celsius, the ground was frozen and the clouds were missing.

Well, on a day like this, you have no other choice then to get out of the house, as fast as you can. Directly after duhr (midday-prayer) we got in the car and drove to a beautiful place called Riihivuori. Here a short collection of pictures on this great late november day in middle Finland.

The view from up there was just fantastic, and it was the only right thing to do. With the sunlight-cache now filled up, we are prepared for the next grey days. We even found a woodpecker in the forest, hacking a tree.

I love those moments in the nature…

Short glimpses of the forests of north-karelia

It was a really sunny and hot day, about 30°. The forest was quiet, only few birds sung about that day.

First we arrived at a awesome place full of blueberriesblueberry

They were so tasty, I could not get enough of them. We tried to collect some for home to make a pie, but it was impossible. We had to eat them all 🙂

The forest had amazing feeling, smell and look to it. In english they are called “dry peaty forest” (said the dictionary), in finnish simply “kangasmetsä”

dry piety forest

There were these strange spots of white “lichen” (if my dictionary got right) everywhere, like white clouds on the ground.

lichenlichen near

We saw huge dragonflies, flying around like helicopters…


We climbed up to a mountain, called “rukkovaara”, and there was a beautiful view from the top…

view from the mountain

We did even find a geocaching hideout, the kids were excited about. It was a beautiful trip, some of those memories you do not forget easily.

Noctilucent cloud – ugly name for a beautiful cloud

… which, indeed, is more frozen water chrystals than clouds itself, which can consist also of frozen water, but also of water droplets.

Noctilucent clouds, also night shining clouds are located about 76 to 85 kilometers high.

Just awesome, interesting also that the phenomenon of these most high clouds ever is still not fully understood, despite all the fancy machines we humans have made…

I had the change to witness these beauties, notice the darker clouds on the right corner, which are normal clouds, thus the sun does not shine on them…


Sunset at -25 ℃

A shoot from our trip last month. The landscape was really quiet and peaceful. Near the hut was a lake, all frozen of course. A place where your soul can truly rest from all the hectic of the daily routines.

This picture was taken shortly after two a clock in the evening, so you see our days here in Finland in the winter are really short and the lack of sunlight is hard for everyone, even the finns who should be used to it.

sunset in the snowy forest

This time the picture has high resolution, hope you like it, no photoshop or gimp has touched it 🙂

Ah and the strange light above the sun, the sunray seems to try to reach the sky, I don’t know if there is a name for it, I could not find anything on google.

Photo processing or not?

I am no professional photographer. I have nor schooling or professional equipment. I know some of the basic techniques of composing a picture and taking photos I think. But I just love it.

God has created this absolutely amazing planet, and to catch some of it in a image is just a fantastic feeling.

Most of the pictures I have here on this blog are not edited, not at all. I just recently discovered the power of adjusting the image-colors, applying filters to it and so on. (see the last pictures)

But I was thinking, is this not some kind of cheating? I mean not to offense anyone, it’s just what crosses my mind about it.

Ok, if the image you make should be an artistic artwork, maybe by putting many images together, not meant to be looking real, is indeed something different.

But if its about taking landscape photographs. A highly edited picture is not anymore the result of your camera handling, but rather of your photoshop skills?

On the other side, a image never can really show how amazing the landscape really is. Its just a copy. Not the original.

And I think that by tweaking the colors you can give the original creator more credit, and highlight how amazing the scene was?

I have here an example. One afternoon I was on our tall bridge, I saw amazing huge clouds in the horizon, on the other side of the sea. Of course I took pictures of it. Here the best one.

Somehow boring, isn’t it? I mean, yes the clouds are huge, but it is simply not so breathtaking as it was.

So I tried the Windows own photo-editing tool, cropped the image, and this was the result:

Now it’s more like it was on the day. Of course the colors are not so natural, but I like it this way


I’d love to hear what you think about editing landscape pictures? When it’s considered cheating? Or can’t a images be “cheated” at all, and photo editing is important, even in the original image was not good at all?

(ps. the related articles have some good arguments about the matter, worth reading!)