This earth…

…just too amazing to understand, too beautiful to see, too wide to conquer, too high to grasp, but still only a drop in the ocean.

To think about that, makes my heart want to burst in my chest and I feel so small and insignificant. But so grateful for all the riches I have…


A very special playground

Our city, Jyväskylä, is called “valon kaupunki” which means “town of light”. Well, the city council want it to be called that way. This means, on the dark days of the year in winter, there are many places which are enlightened in different ways. I have been posting some pictures of our bridge already.

I do not always agree with that. I think if the city’s financial status is so bad, that people cannot get any appointment in public healthcare, if the matter is not urgent, then we should hire some doctors instead of spreading so lamps to places where nobody is walking.

But, on the other side, it is also gorgeous in some ways. These pictures are from a city playground where I used to play a lot when I was small. It had a very beautiful atmosphere…

The pictures are a bit old, I have to excuse my slow posting frequency. It was taken a month ago. It is now much brighter, alhamdulillah. I saw the sun again!

After so many weeks … the sun!

Oh what a beautiful sight this morning. I saw blue sky! What an amazing sight, which I haven’t seen for weeks. It was few grades below 0 Celsius, the ground was frozen and the clouds were missing.

Well, on a day like this, you have no other choice then to get out of the house, as fast as you can. Directly after duhr (midday-prayer) we got in the car and drove to a beautiful place called Riihivuori. Here a short collection of pictures on this great late november day in middle Finland.

The view from up there was just fantastic, and it was the only right thing to do. With the sunlight-cache now filled up, we are prepared for the next grey days. We even found a woodpecker in the forest, hacking a tree.

I love those moments in the nature…

Free high resolution snowy trees image pack

Todays free image pack is a set of 6 photos taken at -20° Celsius on a beautiful winter day in Middle Finland. Now it is not so cold 🙂 These pictures are taken on 2012, but are posted today in celebration of our special event near in a few days.


The set of 6 photos on a resolution of 4000 * 3000 pixel can be downloaded as zip, and as our free set series, it is licensed for commercial use also!

download free snowy trees image pack (zip)

Enjoy and share! 🙂

A strange sight

Last month, one day on a walk over our bridge.

The ice was already melting on the lake, below the bridge mostly.

melting lake in spring

we walked over the bridge and my daughter was calling me “mom come quick”! She was looking straight down to the ice, and she was looking at that:

a strange encounter

This is the second time we saw a bike in the lake. I just looked at the older posts, I never uploaded it on the blog, I think I had posted it on facebook back then. If you want to see it, just comment below, it should be still somewhere on hard drive…

Here a closer look:

a closer look

As you can see, the ice has crevasse like stripes on it. I do not know how to call these in english, because it is not a deep crack, I have never seen it before. The whole lake was covered with it.

lake ice


It’s a pity tough for the bike. There is a lot of steel junk below the brigde. I think almost every summer someone jumps from the bridge, its just crazy when you think how high it is and how dangerous because of the stuff under it…

Signs of spring

It has been a really strange winter. First, we got early snow, which melted all away after couple of weeks. Then the snow came back in january, which is really late, all the dark times were hard to manage.

Then the snow melted too early in february, we had really spring feeling in early march already. Well, last week there was snow again, but yesterday it rained for the first time! Today morning was really beautiful, the sun is shining and it smelled so good outside.

The lakes are still frozen, but all the snow above had melted away, I could see people skating on the lake, must have been fun 🙂

buoy on a frozen lake

buoy on a frozen lake

The snow has gone, but the lake is still icy

Frozen lake but no snow

Frozen lake but no snow

On a summer day you can see inside the ice. We went to the harbour, the kids had fun in fishing little ice floats.

A sunny harbour in spring

A sunny harbour in spring

And we catched a good one:

Crystal clear ice float

Crystal clear ice float

But the sun is warming now, and the ice will melt really fast. A couple of days later the lake’s ice is covered with water already

A melting lake in the sunset

A melting lake in the sunset

Frozen waterfall

A water vein, ruptured from a cliff, frozen at icy cold temperatures.

During summer there is no waterfall, the rock seems to be wet on this place, but the cold weather made the water to freeze like a waterfall.

Every season has it’s own beautiful moments, all you need is to stop, breath and open your eyes to see the wonders around you…

Blue forest

Sometimes I need just a little change in the daily routine. This time we changed our way home and decided to try another path. I knew our home’s direction, and there is a big forest in the middle of our town. So went this way, and it was absolutely gorgeous. Everywhere laid little snow, because this winter has been very few snowfall. So everything was covered in white and the forest was really quiet, although not far away from streets and houses.

It was not a long way through the forest, but I had never been in this part of our town, and it was a beautiful place. We did not get lost and came home about two hours late, but it was definitely worth it!

Here a little picture from our trip in the finnish forestsnowy forest