Don’t miss the moment

Today was one of the days. I had the choice, to stay lazy or – go out with the kids. I decided to go out and I loved it, even it was only behind our house, everything was wet and we stayed only shortly.

But we found a dead rabbit and a tray with a cup! 🙂


I wonder how often we miss those little moments just because we are too lazy?


The rare days of summer

This summer has been really strange. Mostly rainy. Ok, I think this is not so strange at the end, for a finnish summer. But the water is still too cold for swimming. I hope it does not stay that way.

Here a little collection of photos from a forest nearby. It is a nature conservation area and very beautiful. We found a pond full of tadpoles last week. The kids are looking forward to go check them again if they have grown…





This last picture is from another forest, I love how the plants make it look really dreamlike. But I do not know their name. If you know how they are called, please leave a comment, thanks!

It’s the little things…

…that make me happy. A moment with your family, a cup of delicious tea, a smile from your child…

Today was an awesome day. We went on a little mountain with a gorgeus view between the trees…


Made a little campfire


(The wood was bit too wet for a proper campfire, but we got our food warm 🙂 )

And saw just beautiful nature




I am not sure if it is officially summer yet but it felt like summer, so this is officially the first summer post!

And what could make one more happy than a beautiful day with the family!


After so many weeks … the sun!

Oh what a beautiful sight this morning. I saw blue sky! What an amazing sight, which I haven’t seen for weeks. It was few grades below 0 Celsius, the ground was frozen and the clouds were missing.

Well, on a day like this, you have no other choice then to get out of the house, as fast as you can. Directly after duhr (midday-prayer) we got in the car and drove to a beautiful place called Riihivuori. Here a short collection of pictures on this great late november day in middle Finland.

The view from up there was just fantastic, and it was the only right thing to do. With the sunlight-cache now filled up, we are prepared for the next grey days. We even found a woodpecker in the forest, hacking a tree.

I love those moments in the nature…

Foggy autumn days

Autumn days get really foggy sometimes here. One day the fog was so tight, it did not go away until the sun was far over the zenith.

These are few pictures from the last weeks foggy days.

I loved most the moment in the foggy wood. It was so quiet and peaceful, no birds singing, nothing making noise. Everytime I walk in the woods I say to myself, I have to get in here far more often. But then, in the daily grind, it is forgotten. Maybe I should print one of those pictures on canvas to remind me.