Summer flowers

A little collection of summer flowers…
They remind me, that this life does not last forever.
It is a glimpse in the universe, a breath, a blink of an eye.
It will perish, like these flowers.
Few days in the summer they bloom and give us joy, only to wither away and die.
So now is the moment to enjoy and to live to the fullest. Do not weep over yesterday, do not worry about tomorrow, for those do not exist.







Burst of summer

It is such a blessing…

to be alive and witness the start of a new life…

it begins so small…


so unimpressive

first ones

but about to burst …


into this green symphony of life


of flowers and colors


and light


what a blessing to be alive, and even more..

…beeing able to recognize these blessings as such.

Last impressions from summer…

At last, everything must have an end. And this summer is reaching it, although not really cold, but the trees are letting their leaves go. The air is still not cold enough to breathe the autumn breeze, but the scent of summer is gone.

So perfect time to go through all pictures taken this summer. An ode to summer, but not in words…

Fiery flowers

Ooh, ok I admit, they are not so fiery at all! I just like the sound of the words, and apologize preventive for making bad spelling mistakes.

I like english language, but I do not think I am very good at it, so please, correct me if I say something stupid.

But, here a batch of flower shots from the last week, I like my camera a lot, even it’s no expensive SLR, just a simple digicam.

(And have to admit too, I am very excited, if I someday get a real expensive SLR 😀 )

Yellow flowers…

Near the playground the city council has planted really beatiful yellow flowers. As ever, I have no idea which flowers this are, but I can’t take my eyes of them

Some other flowers

They are just so beautiful! But because autumn is already starting, I post all the missing pics from summer this time. Here are the missing flowers from the botanical garden.