A spiky beauty

The weather has been very rainy, only few sunny days so far. But rainy days can be beautiful too! We found this amazing flower few days ago. It is quiet common here, but amazing, somehow


Cirsium vulgare

It is called Cirsium vulgare, spear thistle in english

Free high resolution chrysanthemum pack

And another freebie today! This chrysanthemum images come in six different colour tones. The images are isolated png files and fit for dark or light backgrounds!


Every image has a resolution from 3000 * 3000 pixel, so it should fit your design needs.

The free zip file with the chrysanthemum images is 26MB large and can be downloaded here:

free high resolution chrysanthemum images (zip)

The license, is as yesterdays freebie, free for commercial and non-commercial use. Attribution required, for more information see readme.txt in zip


What a strange name for such a nice flower! It is a sure sign of spring.

What a wonderful time of year this is, the birds are full of music, the sun kiss your cheecks, the blue sky amazes with it deepness, the little clouds sail forth. The trees bud, awaiting to burst into a green symphony.

Here a little coltsfoot, picture taken last week. The scientific name is Tussilago farfara, and it was used as a cough medicine in the past. Really interesting, how many wonders on this earth we pass by everyday, our thoughts at our jobs, on facebook, what to cook today, how to pay the next bill… And as conclusion we miss the daily little wonders…

tussilago farfara

About facebook and all the social media, there is this really thought-provoking video, have you seen it yet?

If they only knew…

The rose from this picture is dried by now. It has lost its beauty and scent, no one will enjoy the bright colors anymore.


But this rose was a part of a very special occasion, which drove us to tears. No tears of sorrow, it was tears of joy.

An evening to remember.

I received this flower as a gift on a saturday, few weeks ago. We were gathering in the mosque as usual. But it was not an usual afternoon.

On this saturday another new sister joined our community and said her shahada, which is the testimony, that there is only one God worthy of worship, and that Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him, is the last messenger.

When I think of the beauty of the rose, and how it’s gone by now, I remember that the words from the sister are not forgotten or gone. Nor are the words from the thousands other women and men, who enter islam every year, and they will always remember their shahada as the words, which gave their hearts the true peace.

Peace, and the knowledge, that nothing in this world happens in vain, that none of us is meaningless, and that life has a higher purpose.

The knowledge and peace kings and rulers would fight for, if they only knew…

Set of sunsets

Here the last ones I like enough to upload them on the blog! The next week I inshaAllah have the change to see a few different landscapes, and I am very excited about it! Hope to return with lot of new pictures!

A green one

One of the flowers in my father’s garden.. It’s simple, but beautiful. One thing about photographing, which I like most, is that you see the world from a different angle. From a different perpective, and that you take your time to watch Gods creation, instead of just running past it…