Summer flowers

A little collection of summer flowers…
They remind me, that this life does not last forever.
It is a glimpse in the universe, a breath, a blink of an eye.
It will perish, like these flowers.
Few days in the summer they bloom and give us joy, only to wither away and die.
So now is the moment to enjoy and to live to the fullest. Do not weep over yesterday, do not worry about tomorrow, for those do not exist.








The autumn make its leave, the first snow has arrived. The colors turn from orange, yellow, brown to white. The rain turns to snow and water to ice…

Darkness to light.

I am going to miss the rain, the smell and the sound of it!

So be it, thats the way of life. See you in spring inshaAllah…

Cloudy day on the field

Moments of a peaceful autumn day, taken in the very beautiful eastern Finland in October 2012…


Sunset on field

There are so many beautiful moments in life,

how many of us are so busy with living their lives,

that they miss all those special moments.

The singing of a bird before sleep,

the heavy raindrops on the roof,

first flowers of the spring…

this list could go forever.

How thankful we must be, if we can see those moments, recognize and enjoy them.


The dark days have good things too…

You become very happy when you come ┬áhome and get a hot cup of coffee on a day like this…