Last dark days and a colored snow

Finally, alhamdulillah, it’s “spring winter”! The sun is shining finally and it’s getting so high in the midday that we have almost the whole day sunshine in our appartment.

What a huge difference!

But this picture is no sunny one, this is a reminder of the dark days. All darkness must come to an end, and there is always light after it.

dark night and colored snow

I have more pictures of the colored snowy branches, but this one I liked most, although you cannot see much of the colored snow. If you want to see more, just say it 🙂

At the ocean

And another sunset. I cannot get enough of them. I wonder what it is, that makes them so special? Technically it’s just rotating earth and a star, and yet so beautiful and awesome. Each one is special and different.

I wonder how a sunrise look at the ocean, but for that we would have to drive too far. Maybe up north to the polar circle someday…

And, like the others, licenced under creative commons non-commercial… Taken at the gulf of bothnia, western finland (hope I looked it right on maps 🙂 )

Red leaves

The colors the trees and plants show in autumn are strictly divided after the species. This plant grow on the wall of a house in the town. And its glooming in red.

Really beautiful, no picture or painting can express or replace the real colors from nature. No human beeing can really copy a creation of the Lord of all mankind, it all will remain a copy, a try.

red leaves