Some other flowers

They are just so beautiful! But because autumn is already starting, I post all the missing pics from summer this time. Here are the missing flowers from the botanical garden.



Here another flower from our visit to the botanical garden. I would love to live in such a garden, smelling the flowers everytime coming in the kittchen, the roof of your bedroom beeing leaves from banana trees. The room of the children full of flying butterflies… Waking up with the singing of beautiful birds 😀another flower

A flower in the garden

This is an old picture too, I got behind in summer. 😀 It is from a botanical garden we visited early in this summer.

They got a talking parrot too. Every botanical garden I visited till now had a talking parrot. Is this some kind of unwritten law?

I love the colours of this flower! It is amazing how many different kinds of animals, humans, plants and so on God has created. There are millions of them in our planet!
a blue flower