I met a friendly couple…

… last friday. Fridays are always special to me, but this one was great. I met two very busy, but also very friendly swans. They were so busy eating at the shore that they did not mind at all, me getting very near. Very slowly I approached them and one just glanced once at me and went on eating. It was an amazing moment, what huge and beautiful birds they are! Here 2 of the snapshots which were not too bad…



I feel so blessed to live in a country in peace and have eyes to see, ears to hear and a wonderful family around me…


The orange ball


A sunset at the chain of generations

And another sunset… the cycle of day and night, winter and summer, dark and light, life and death on this earth keep me amazed. I have been searching for my ancestors a while now, at the moment I can track my forefathers to the 16th century, and this chain of generations is somehow beyond my grasp. How life is so fragile and still everything goes exactly the way god has planned it to be… This thought makes me so grateful for an opportunity to be here…

Beautiful moment

Many of us tend to rush forward in life. From one meeting to another, from work to gym, from gym to shopping… mostly with heads down and eyes on the smartphone. Like this, we will miss many of those awesome moments in life. Like this amazing sky one hour before. Alhamdulillah I hope to be always grateful and amazed by every day on this incredible earth.


Sky on a spring evening