Today, on the 23.10.2014 this blog is incredible 4 years old!

This means 1460 days, 35040 hours and 2102400 seconds of blogging. I never thought I would endure so long 🙂 Ok I have not been blogging every second, but it is a lot of seconds in life 🙂

In these four years, so much have happened. My eldest daughter grew up to be a young lady, my son started school and my youngest daughter became a little lady alhamdulillah.

We got settled here in Finland, although it was not easy, but I do not regret a moment. This is my country, and homeland is always different, although I have lived more abroad than here.

Life is just so exiting, what will happen in the next four years? I hope we stay healthy and with warm place to live, I hope I can continue doing what I love….


Some statistics from these great 4 years:

22,412 views total in 4 years


and this is post number 250 – a quarter of thousand posts 😀

The first full year had 2021 visitors, but this year we had already 8214!

The 467 pictures have filled 281,72MB of my 3GB space and Akismet has protected the blog from 8,226 spam comments so far!

And, I have 275 followers on this blog!

To this happy occasion, the blog has a brand new and truly responsive theme

Thank you for your likes, shares and comments over these years!

!! *huge hugs to you all* !!

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