A strange sight

Last month, one day on a walk over our bridge.

The ice was already melting on the lake, below the bridge mostly.

melting lake in spring

we walked over the bridge and my daughter was calling me “mom come quick”! She was looking straight down to the ice, and she was looking at that:

a strange encounter

This is the second time we saw a bike in the lake. I just looked at the older posts, I never uploaded it on the blog, I think I had posted it on facebook back then. If you want to see it, just comment below, it should be still somewhere on hard drive…

Here a closer look:

a closer look

As you can see, the ice has crevasse like stripes on it. I do not know how to call these in english, because it is not a deep crack, I have never seen it before. The whole lake was covered with it.

lake ice


It’s a pity tough for the bike. There is a lot of steel junk below the brigde. I think almost every summer someone jumps from the bridge, its just crazy when you think how high it is and how dangerous because of the stuff under it…


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