Strange colors in the night

It’s almost one month since my last post, sorry for that.

The weather has been grey, day after another. It’s about -2 degrees celsius all the time, a lot of clouds and sometimes snow. Really depressing. I haven’t seen the sun in weeks.

But like in everything, all this has positive sides too. When the clouds are thick and hanging deep, in the cities, the night does not get fully dark. The lights of the city makes the clouds glow, and even in the darkest forest you can see enough.

Strange though, if you think about the fact, that in the autumn, when there is no snow, it gets so dark in the coutryside, that you literally do not see anything. Not even your hand before your eyes, when there are no other lights.

But back to the bright nights of the snowy cities.

There is a hill nearby, and at the top of the hill is a strange building


It’s glooming blue


And if you see it far away in the forest, it remind one of a ufo.


It’s a strange color combination, the brown-greyish kind of sky, and the glooming blue.


Its very tall, and if you stand under it, it reflects the noises of the streets far away


And it turns the snow blue too


It’s a litte forest



So the lights of the city are not far away…

The pictures are not really sharp, I was outside with the kids, so all the pics are taken without tripod…


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