Impressions from fajr

It’s the most peaceful time of the day. Directly after the morning prayer, when the sky begins to turn red.

I often think that the birds are quiet before fajr, but beginn to sing their songs directly after it, has anyone the same feeling?

This is a set of images taken on different days. When the moon rises, the trees cover it unfortunatedly, and I am too tired to wait it rise higher 🙂 Can you spot the moon waning crescent behind the tree? With the moon rose two planets, I think, since they were so bright. I believe one was Venus, but the other? Allahu alem, God knows best… The crescent one is from this morning, it means Ramadan almost over 😦 The foggy picture was from yesterday, it was just so stunning colour beyond the lake.

I would love to see more pictures of the dawn! If you have taken some, please leave a comment with a link to the images…


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