More sun, more snow, more beauty

It’s been about -25° for days now. Alhamdulillah, and sun. Very much sun. The side effects of this cold weather are dry air and therefore dry skin. SubhanAllah, all the wetness freezes. Its too cold for snowing also. When it’s below -15°, there are not enough wetness in the air, and it does not snow. (And your laundry dries in few hours, which is not bad at all…)

But, Allahu akbar, somehow there must be moisture, if not in the air, where then? Because all trees are covered with ice. Its incredible, similar to the trees when they have fresh snow in there, but if you go near, it’s not the same.

Maybe wetness from the trees itself?

On wednesday I was able to do a long walk, all by myself, I think I took about 200 pictures. That I could not feel my toes anymore, was a small price for these pictures.

Creative Commons License

Alhamdulillah rabbil alameen! All praise to God, the lord of the worlds.

All pictures I have taken are, as they are. I am only using camera effects, like flash, zoom, macro settings and the toy camera setting with the dark border (like in some of the blue trees pictures) but no photoshopping (or gimping).

So, I am not the artist of these pictures. I did not create them. They are only a image of a moment, which exists thousand and million times on earth.

There are people who love arts, who spend thousand of hours to talk about their favourite painters like Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Dürer, Modigliani and so on. How would they feel if they could talk to Leonardo da Vinci, if he would stand direct in front them?

How about meeting the One Artist, who has created the incredible artwork named “human” or “planet earth” .. or “the universum” or … “love” ?

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