8th of Dhul Hijja

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So its finally there, first day of the hajj starts! 8th of Dhul Hijja is the first official day of hajj. The gathered pilgrims travel from Mecca to Medina, its a small village, tent city east of the city. The pilgrims start stay there praying, reading Quran and resting for the coming great efforts they are going to make, inchaAllah

Here a really beautiful quotation from a book:

“The Hajj is not a journey of going; it is a journey of returning. The pilgrim is not going to Makkah. He is returning to his source, Allah The Source of Everything.”

(Hajj of the heart by Dr Y Mansoor Marican)

leave on the ground

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I was not much outside these days, we were all sick Alhamdulillah, but here on of my last makro shots, before the old digicam broke…

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