I like mondays…

If you wonder why, its simple. Its a quiet day! I stay alone with my daughter and make a long walk with her to pick my son from the playgroup. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, about 13-15 degrees, fresh wind, sun and many fluffy clouds. The air and the forest where full of smell from the spring, beautiful flowers everywhere…

Nowadays we have lost the wisdom, how to get happy. For most people happiness is based on material things. But as Sabine Kuegler said in”Child of the jungle“, happiness is not based on having more and more things, but rather, to be happy with the things you have… So true…

How could a human beeing not be happy, if he knows that nothing was created in vain, everything has his own purpose, even the tiniest fly has his destination where to go. Sure, life is  not easy and full of hardship, but if you know why you are here, then no one and nothing can take your inner peace.

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