Blog on pause at the moment


As you have noticed, it has become really quiet here. This is simple the result of lack of time from my side. It has more reasons too: one is that I have been using instagram for my photos, which is far easier, and another that I have started blogging seriously on my business blog.

So I don’t think that in the near future this blog is going to have more updates, but I’d be happy if you want to stay in touch:

Thank you for staying with me so long! Of course I am not going to delete this blog, and it is fully possible that in the future I start on taking photos again, but for now, I am off. *wawes for goodbye*


November is here … finally?

That is a typical november weather here in finland. Grey and rainy. The last years autumn was like this, for weeks. No sun at all.

After a while it is really depressing, the sun going down early, long dark and grey weather.

But as you can can see from the previous posts, this autumn was really beautiful so far.

The last days were really grey and I am happy about it. I enjoyed the weather really! But let’s see if this stays long, I think I am going to miss the sun…

5 Years Anniversary

I am soo happy, the last days has been really great! A new month has started, this blog turned 5 years old, my business turned 3 years old and we have sunny days! I feel soo grateful for all this! Amazing!!! *insert jumping smiley here*


To celebrate this great occasion, this blog has a


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Thank you all for supporting, liking, reading and commenting my blog!!!

Autumn moments to remember

This autumn has really been the complete opposite of summer. We had only few sunny days and it was cold and rainy.
But this autumn, the first time since I came here, has been so sunny and beautiful. The colors are so amazing and everything is like a masterpiece of art, awesome in colors and light.



The melancholy of autumn




I really hope there are still many sunny days to come

Close-up Sarracenia


An ordinary monday evening, I am waiting for the rice to finish, the kids are coloring and the teen is tapping on her phone. Daily grind as usual, but still there are small wonders around us we fail so often to see.
Like those tiny hairs on the Sarracenia plant, which is desperate trying to survive on our kitchen window.
I hope I never get too busy to notice the small wonders of life.

Summernight at the finnish countryside

A small roadtrip few days ago. We did not go far, but far from the civilization. I wonder how people can live in the middle of nowhere. Ok, it is quiet, but I would be afraid. Of bears… and wolfes… and crazy murderers, we all know these movies 😀

The first shot is the sunset at a nearby lake. I think the light on the sky near the sun is called a halo.


The other pictures are taken later, after the sun went down.


The lake and the woods were so quiet and peaceful. It was strange how the mist seemed to pour out of the ground and float to the lake.



Even some fields were misty…


The rare days of summer

This summer has been really strange. Mostly rainy. Ok, I think this is not so strange at the end, for a finnish summer. But the water is still too cold for swimming. I hope it does not stay that way.

Here a little collection of photos from a forest nearby. It is a nature conservation area and very beautiful. We found a pond full of tadpoles last week. The kids are looking forward to go check them again if they have grown…





This last picture is from another forest, I love how the plants make it look really dreamlike. But I do not know their name. If you know how they are called, please leave a comment, thanks!