Short glimpses of the forests of north-karelia


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It was a really sunny and hot day, about 30°. The forest was quiet, only few birds sung about that day.

First we arrived at a awesome place full of blueberriesblueberry

They were so tasty, I could not get enough of them. We tried to collect some for home to make a pie, but it was impossible. We had to eat them all :)

The forest had amazing feeling, smell and look to it. In english they are called “dry peaty forest” (said the dictionary), in finnish simply “kangasmetsä”

dry piety forest

There were these strange spots of white “lichen” (if my dictionary got right) everywhere, like white clouds on the ground.

lichenlichen near

We saw huge dragonflies, flying around like helicopters…


We climbed up to a mountain, called “rukkovaara”, and there was a beautiful view from the top…

view from the mountain

We did even find a geocaching hideout, the kids were excited about. It was a beautiful trip, some of those memories you do not forget easily.


Noctilucent cloud – ugly name for a beautiful cloud


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… which, indeed, is more frozen water chrystals than clouds itself, which can consist also of frozen water, but also of water droplets.

Noctilucent clouds, also night shining clouds are located about 76 to 85 kilometers high.

Just awesome, interesting also that the phenomenon of these most high clouds ever is still not fully understood, despite all the fancy machines we humans have made…

I had the change to witness these beauties, notice the darker clouds on the right corner, which are normal clouds, thus the sun does not shine on them…



Beloved ramadan memories


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The most beloved moments in Ramadan,

the quiet peace of the night hours,

my heart, left on the prayer mat

my soul, full of joy

quiet dark moments

The rising of a beautiful moon,

marking the end of these beloved days…

almost over

The sky after fajr,

bursting in the most amazing colours,

full of peace and remembrance

fajr sky

What are your most beloved ramadan moments? Share them on the comments, I’d love to hear…


Sunset … again


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Another shot from our trip, a fountain on the lake, and well, the sunset.

People are complaining that sunsets are a cliché, something overdone, thousand times seen.

For me, every moment alive is a blessing from Allah, and none of these moments are in vain, so is every sunset a new end for a lived day, which will never be lived again. And every end for a day means inshaa Allah, after the dark, a new dawn, a new day full of endless possibilities.


The longest day of the year


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Alhamdulillah, today was really a beautiful day, not really warm but so quiet. Most of the finns are out of town today, so I enjoyed the silence.

Yesterday, the night before midsommer, most people lit a huge bonfire to celebrate midsommer, we had no bonfire, but the skies had their bonfire of their own. A huge rainbow to east …


and the most beautiful colour to the north.

yellow horizon




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What a strange name for such a nice flower! It is a sure sign of spring.

What a wonderful time of year this is, the birds are full of music, the sun kiss your cheecks, the blue sky amazes with it deepness, the little clouds sail forth. The trees bud, awaiting to burst into a green symphony.

Here a little coltsfoot, picture taken last week. The scientific name is Tussilago farfara, and it was used as a cough medicine in the past. Really interesting, how many wonders on this earth we pass by everyday, our thoughts at our jobs, on facebook, what to cook today, how to pay the next bill… And as conclusion we miss the daily little wonders…

tussilago farfara

About facebook and all the social media, there is this really thought-provoking video, have you seen it yet?


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